Problems with reading the Keymaster Tarot in comparison to Rider-Waite

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in addition to the Rider-Waite Tarot (Vintage edition) I got myself the Keymaster tarot by Lorenzo Gaggiotti because I really like the artwork of the major arcana.

Today, I pulled the 2 of Swords and 5 of Swords of the Keymaster deck. While the meaning of the first card is pretty much the same, it differs in the 5 of Swords. Now, I know that different decks can have different meanings, especially if one is a non-traditional deck. But the Keymaster deck is not non-traditional. It's based on the "classic Tarot de Marseille with the well-known Tarot of A. E. Waite" (description in amazon). So I don't quite understand how the Keymaster can be so different?

Here's what the booklets say:

The 5 of Swords in Rider-Waite: Taking an unfair advantage of another. Humilation, Havoc, Scandal, Failure, Defeat. Reverse: Funeral, Lay to Rest

The 5 of Swords in Keymaster: Victory or defeat. Fighting is exhausting und causes uncertainty and rejection. Leave the dispute and quit the power play. It's not worth it.

No reverse meaning in the Keymaster deck.

The Rider-Waite sounds much more harsh while the Keymaster sounds more like a guidance and advising. Also, why does the Keymaster have no reverse meanings if it's based on Rider-Waite? I'm new to tarot and this is quite frustrating to me.

What should I do if I really don't agree with a cards meaning? Or rather prefer the the meaning of another deck? As far as I know, a tarot deck is a closed system in itself and mixing decks would be manipulative in a way (in my opinion) because it's cherry picking.

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