professional nude readings: tips and advice?

So I'm a long term professional tarot reader (being reading for more than a decade), who recently decided to start reading professionally again.

Currently I do three professional gigs a month (1 market & 2 shop gigs). Years ago, I used to offer nude readings where I sat nude and read while the client was either nude or clothed for the entire session in the client's home or my own. I had mixed results doing this, but I'm considering doing it again.

Anyone have experience reading in this format? Thoughts? Advice?

Please don't lecture me about safety. I have a supportive network and safety guidelines that I used previously that I believe will holdfast if I decide to work in this way again

Also, chill on hateration: technically this isn't sex work bc I don't plan on having sex with them, I'm a commercial reader — some would argue that I've cheapened the "sacred" art of tarot already by getting paid (so being nude makes no difference, in that regard).

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