Professional Tarot Readers – questions on your career.

Hello Tarot Friends!

I’ve been looking to reading professionally – I know it has a lot of ups and downs. For those professionals out there, I wanted to just ask a few questions about your process. I’m a current retail manager with a solid income, so completely changing directions for me is a scary thought and fills me with a lot of doubt. Finding a business mentor that also is into metaphysical work can be challenging. I’d appreciate any insight you have!

What is something you wish you knew or had done at the start?

Do you read primarily online or in person readings? Do you have your own space?

Do you enjoy your choice? Do you have regrets? Have you been able to balance your life and work schedules? I know owning a business is a HUGE undertaking.

Any issues with taxes or licensing? I’m in the US. I know there are some fortune telling laws that can limit your scope.

How important is marketing and social media for your business personally? Do you have a marketing budget or just use free software like FB and instagram? Does this drive clients to you? Have you had to trademark a brand or logo? Or have you just kept it simple?

Does your “style” impact your business? Have you had to specialize in certain areas? Have you had to expand your business to other ventures in tandem with tarot? Like energy work, house cleanings, spiritual counseling, life coaching? Or do you only do tarot?

Personal question – what kind of income do you normally generate? Have you had to work full time or part time at “regular”‘gigs to supplement your lifestyle? How long did it take you to generate enough clients to establish a steady workflow?

Has competition in your area affected how you engage with your clients? Is there a steady community of readers in your area and have they been supportive or is it cutthroat?

Have you established a statement of ethics? Are there any areas that you do not read for such as health or legal?

Did you need any starting capital to get your business off the ground?

Anything else you wish to share? Any tips, tricks, thoughts, resources or anything else that would be pertinent for a budding business?

Thank you in advance- I know this is A LOT to ask. Your time is valuable and I appreciate any wisdom that can be shared. Hopefully I’m not violating any forum rules – if so let me know.

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