Pulling 2 of Cups about an ex

I consistently have dreams/nightmares about "the one who got away", so to speak. We never officially had a relationship, rather an intense emotional entanglement. It ended four years ago, and we've talked only infrequently since, usually via email about our regrets around the situation, and how we both wish the best for each other. Even these emails ended for good about 2.5 years ago. We're both with other people now (he is married and I'm as good as), but I decided to do a reading because these dreams I have never go away.

I pulled:

Past – 7 of Cups {My interpretation: The relationships was very much in my head in a lot of ways. It was a very ephemeral experience with a lot of daydreaming involved. I read this card as representing how I was in love with the idea of us, rather than a tangible connection.}

Present – 9 of Swords {My interpretation: I am, indeed, haunted by nightmares and anxiety about the fact that we didn't choose each other. I'm happily with someone else now, but I believe this represents the anxiety I am having at present.}

Future – 2 of Cups {This is where I'm stuck. On the one hand, there's the temptation to view this as an indication of soul mates, that we'll eventually meet again, etc. But I REALLY don't want that to be true, since I'm committed to someone else. Should I just be reading it as we both eventually find peace and stop thinking about each other, and go on happily living separate lives? I'm currently reading it as the latter, but that might be because that's how I want the situation to be.}

Thoughts, harsh honesty, etc. all welcome!

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