QOP + QOW Combo

Need a little help interpreting this combination together. Using RW (sorry didn’t think to take a picture), I asked “what can I expect from my career meeting tomorrow” and drew the queen of pentacles clarified by the queen of wands. I saw this as positive given their positions in their respective suits, especially since I was asking a career related question, but wondering if I’m missing anything here. I’m still pretty new to tarot.

For some context, the company I work for has grown a lot in the past couple of years and has undergone a lot of changes in recent months. There’s a lot of new leadership (I’ve had 3 different bosses in the past year and a half) and it hasn’t been easy. Part of the growing pains has been a lack of assessment of scope of role and general skills for people like me who are a bit more tenured. It’s lead to extreme frustration on my end (and a lot of people leaving), especially as I tried to work with these new leaders to understand my position. Ive been met with much resistance to say the least. It basically took me going almost to the top to a leader I’ve worked for since day one, and tomorrows meeting is the big follow up. I’m nervous it’ll lead to nowhere as I’m a little untrusting in these situations, but when I ask things like should I leave my job etc, the cards seem to be telling me to let go of what’s holding me back and stay strong. I also get the fool a lot as well.

So any thoughts here from the brain trust? I see the QOP insinuating that this will lead to career expansion and happiness, with the QOW implying I should stay steady and strong. I would love any opinions here! Thanks for the help!!

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