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First time doing a tarot reading on myself

Hey so I read the rules and I’m pretty sure this is not off topic or anything So anywho I’m 19 years old and have been getting in to spirituality for a while now baby step0ing into tarot. So I finally did a self reading like asking who I am what my journey is you know! Before it was just one card pulls. But I finally just started shuffling and it was amazing to say the least. I was reading the cards intuitively for the first time like really feeling the energy not second guessing. Anywho the cards said I had a very old souls that’s been around a while and that I was going to have a lot of obstacles yet these would give me lesson that I ventilait end up in my self love and personal success. It was a beautiful reading which surprised me. I feel as though my parents are some of the dark energy I have to work through. My parents are not understanding and see me as satanic for using tarot and say I’m mentally unstable because of my beliefs. Does anyone have any advice for dealing with this kind of pushback or trying to come to like a truce or something of the sort?

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