question about tarot on YouTube

I know that all tarot on YouTube is for the collective. I sometimes watch the ones for my zodiac sign, sometimes I regret doing that because it causes me to have horrid anxiety… like now. The other day I watched one and the tarot reader was doing a tarot spread for the month of April for my zodiac sign and she she said something about how the cards showed her that legal issues / problems with the law/ jail / someone is telling lies to get you in trouble/ slander / manipulation would arise… pretty much everything you don't want to hear. So now im freaked out, I have anxiety and it just triggered it bad. It makes me like worry that I'm gonna get in trouble from someone making false statements about me or slandering me &etc.

It's my anxiety fucking with me. But I have to ask, are the tarot on YouTube for a collective audience something to take to heart or to listen to?

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