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So, I am going to be traveling later this summer to visit a very close friend who has asked me to bring my deck for a few readings. Usually this wouldn't be a problem because I typically travel with a deck (either the Thoth or the Smith-Waite Centential); but the problem is that my friend specifically asked if I could bring my Slow Holler. Normally this would be absolutely out of the question for me: that deck very rarely leaves my home because it is almost impossible to replace (I really wish they would do a reprint!); but this is a very close friend who has also been going through a really rough time lately so part of me wants to bring the deck. So I'm feeling a little bit stuck as to how to move forward. Do any of y'all have advice for either how to travel with valuable decks and/or other alternatives I might consider? TYIA for any help/insight you might have!

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