Questions about creating an Oracle deck

I know all about this “Just make cards about what your heart feels like!” stuff, but no. I‘m an artist and I’m trying to make divination cards for profit. I want my product to be as high quality and accurate as possible.

Personally, I read Tarot/Oracle as a hobby, but I would like to know what is it that you guys, who take it more seriously or do it as a job, seek in a divination deck. I know I should add The Tower/ 10 of Swords equivalents, but I have heard some people talk about how some cards reflect masculine-femenine energy, nature elements, zodiac signs, etc.

I don’t know much about all of that, my readings are very simple; I do some accurate readings, but not super complex stuff, so it gets confusing.

Theres also something that is bothering me. I printed a test deck, just to see if the readings work. I find them more accurate than tarot, but sometimes the cards kinda feel redundant? Sometimes I get 2 cards that are just slightly different in meaning, but are overall very similar. Idk if that’s good for reaffirmation/ comparison, or should I just keep one of them.

Sometimes my readings on my own deck get very confusing too. Idk if thats part of the process of learning cartomancy or maybe I should work on my meanings. Every single tutorial I have watched on how to read Oracle cards say you have to take the author into great consideration, but I just see myself as any other person, just creating a tool for other people to use… is that valid????? I wanted for people to apply death of the author on these cards, but idk if I should take my influence on them more in consideration. Or maybe I just get confused cuz I’m not a pro reader lol

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