Questions about my ex and the potentiality of us being back together in the future

Hello everyone ! πŸ™‚ As a new member to this wonderful community, I was browsing the threads when I stumbled upon one person that had a really interesting spread about a question with their ex'es, so today I decided to follow the same spread, but i'd LOVE to hear you guys' opinions as well, since it's somewhat a sensitive topic for me and i'd like to get more information about it.

(Especially since i had a blockage with the last cards). Thank you to everyone in advance ! πŸ™‚ (To be noted that i've started teaching myself about tarot in May, so it's pretty new to me, most likely a lot of mistakes with the interpretations. But the best way to learn something is by making mistakes, right? ^^)

Deck by Oswald Wirth

The deck i am using is by Oswald Wirth, and the spread is the following :

  1. Past History (Knight of Cups)
  2. Present (The Empress)
  3. My ex's current situation (The Moon reversed)
  4. How does my ex feel about me? (The Chariot)
  5. How does my ex feel about reconciling? (Nine of Pentacles)
  6. What can I do to help the situation? (The Justice)
  7. Will we reconcile? (Page of Swords)

My interperation :

  1. He was (or i was, to him) the charming prince for me, our relationship was very fulfilling, we both loved eachother and constantly talked about what type of engagement rings the other one would've wanted to be proposed with.
  2. I (or we) start embracing my femininity and my intuition more than compared to the past, I start to express my feelings more, talking about what's wrong and what's right, finally admitting that the communication is the key to any relationship.
  3. (He is in a relationship) and he is having doubts about his current parthner, there are secrets he doesn't know but is being suspicious about, he doesn't feel like at home, something is missing, something isn't right, perhaps suspicious of being cheated on.
  4. He currently thinks it's too soon to even consider reconciling, perhaps because he thinks i am unable to change, or it would simply take couple of more years for me to become more mature mentally and spiritually. OR there are simply way too many obstacles in his path he needs to take care of before considering to reconcile.
  5. Not ready yet. He's worked hard to be where he currently is, he emotionally invested too much in his current relationship and isn't ready to give up on it and start everything all over once again.
  6. Be truthful to myself and to people around me, honest about my feelings, no more hiding. Reconsider if i really want to be back with my ex or not.
  7. The eagerness to reconcile is there, but it will take time, perhaps we have to currently focus on self growth more than anything else. Explore new horizons.

My struggles start at around 5. It's where i start having troubles connecting all the dots together, and my interpretations of some cards contradict eachother.

Hoping that i haven't walked over any community rules, i apologize in advance if that's the case, or if i've made any grammatical or syntax errors.

I wish everyone a wonderful day, and thank you again in advance for your own interpretations πŸ™‚

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