Questions about personal cards.

Hello there! Newbie at tarot here. Nice to meet you all πŸ’œ. I would like to know if you can help me with some questions I've been asking myself lately.

In Rider Waite's book it's said that you can calculate your personal and soul card through your birthday. After adding and reducing the numbers, you get a number from 1 to 22. That's your personal card. And, If you get a number above 9, you will need to reduce that number until you get 9 or a number under 9. That would be your soul card. If you get from the start a number under 10, then that's your personal and soul card.

The thing is, my personal card is the Wheel of Fortune, and my soul card is the Magician.

And because of that, I have some questions-.

1) How would you describe the Wheel of Fortune as a personal card? I've been reading pages of meanings and only a few talked about this card as a person. Because I feel that this is the most impersonal card of the major arcana…

The problem is that… By saying "oh, well, I'm just a lucky or unlucky person during periods." I feel that I may be losing sight of something I may be not seeing because I'm new to this world. I need to know if you could help me interpreting this card… It would be really clarifying. If it's just a "you're a lucky or unlucky person, end of discussion." I would understand ^

  1. In Thirteen's Guide from Aecletic Tarot Forum it's said that the numbers of the minor arcana can be related to the major arcana numbers. This helped me a lot to study the meanings of those cards. But my question is: As the numbers of the minor arcana can be related with the ones of major arcana, could these cards also be related when talking about personal cards? Like, your personal and soul card is the Hermit, and the 9 of swords, wands, cups, pentacles are issues/situations this person deals frecuently with. This is just an example!

I'm sorry if these questions are sneaky… really, I'm just very curious when studying.

Thank you so much beforehand for reading this! Please have a lovely weekend πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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