Questions for Pro Readers in 2022

I have dabbled on Thumbtack back in the day as well as Instagram. I’ve maintained a client base for some years before I moved cities but, I’m curious how most Tarot professionals find their clear niche for success?

Tarot is an undeniable part of my being and it would be nice to consistently read for a group of clients, teach Tarot and read for anyone interested. Currently a lot of the self promotion I see for Tarot readings makes me uncomfortable or just skeeves me out. Things like messaging people asking to do their readings, like I don’t think I could do that. Tik Tok would be a big nope for me as well because as I currently understand it’s a bunch of youth and it’s just very toxic but, I’m open otherwise.

My most immediate goal is to read in order to raise some cash for a very special Tarot deck that I have the opportunity to own again that has since gone OOP. I have a few weeks to come up with the funds and figure readings would be fitting. After I meet that short term goal I’d like to continue to offer readings and hopefully meet people of like mind in both study and to read for.

What are some suggestions to quickly offer readings to people who are genuinely seeking readings? I understand there is more out there than Instagram and would like to hear peoples stories and suggestions.

What are some of your successes in reading professionally? Have you been able to meet other birds of a feather? Have you been able to make positive differences in your clients lives?

What does the income even look like for reading professionally? Do you read as your main source of income or just as a successful supplement?

What are some thoughts about pursuing reading online through Reddit or anywhere else?

I’m in Utah and I have not found really more than a couple serious seeker types like me who have since moved out of state which is why this post might overall read kind of lonely 😂✨🙏

TLDR: How can I make a quick buck reading tarot without compromising my integrity or ethics (whatever is the right word)? How does one take that first step or two to genuinely offer readings professionally long term?

Thank you!

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