Questions tarot can/can’t answer?

Hi everyone! I'm still new to tarot and have been doing a few free readings here and there, to gain some experience on what it's like to read for a complete stranger. Mostly it went fine.

However, a little while back I had someone ask for a reading on whether or not they have a stalker, what supposed stalker might want/think/do, etc. Now I had made it clear from the time I offered readings that I would not do any about 3rd parties. I genuinely don't find those to be helpful as I want to be working with the querant and their 'energy' (or whatever you want to cal it). I feel like asking about someone else doesn't sit well with me ethically and it involves speculation more than anything, so I just try to steer clear of those types of questions.

I offered to do a reading where I'd ask the cards about the querant's situation and maybe some advice. They agreed, but never really said much about what came out of the reading, they just kind of took it and went off. I was actually surprised when this person wrote to me for the 2nd time, asking questions more or less along the same line. I told the querant the same thing again. I did a more general reading and tried to highlight any advice that came through, as well as suggesting again that the querant look for help from those around them as well, or even authorities if need be as I was concerned about their safety. They didn't seem to mind what I had said and took off again shortly after, only to write the other day and ask about the stalker and what he's up to again… I told them the same thing as before and showed them what came up when I asked the cards what they could tell us. It was mostly to do with how the querant was feeling and the last card seemed to highlight the need to make a choice. The last and only reply I got before the querant left the convo was them telling me that I should know how tarot is about answering people's questions and helping them, rather than telling them something they mostly already know.

I know that that wasn't what the querant wanted to hear and I really do feel bad because of it. I realise I probably could've handled these readings better. I know I tend to freeze up when people ask something I don't think I can help with, exactly because I do want to help. But I honestly don't think that a tarot reading can help with something of the sorts. I get that people want some certainty and answers when in a difficult situation, but I'm also not going to pretend that I can get answers to everything just to give someone a false sense of whatever they might be after :(. So I really don't get what people think they want when they ask these sorts of things. Or how it'll help them.

What I am trying to figure out is how to be able to handle these situations better. What do yous do when a question like this comes up? How do you handle it? Do you think tarot can help with questions like these? I'm asking because I do want to be able to offer people help and support and even alternatives if need be. Thank you so much for reading through this ramble!

TLDR: what do you do when someone repeatedly asks you the type of question that you don't do readings for (e.g., readings about a 3rd party in my case)? Do you think tarot can be helpful when asking about things like stalking? What do you do in these types of situations? Is there any advice you'd like to share?

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