"r/Tarot Promotion Megathread – July 2022"

Please use this thread for all tarot-related promotional or self-promotional content and advertising…

This includes professional websites, donation based reading offers, paid reading offers, tarot tutoring, Etsy shops, or any shop or blog that sells paid readings or tarot related goods or services.

Use this thread for all Social Media Links. This includes YouTube Channels, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Discord servers, other subreddits, personal blogs, art albums, etc.

It is okay to be a Redditor with a project!…. However, we do not allow projects with Reddit accounts on this sub. Please follow the 10% rule from Reddit's guidelines on self-promotion10% or less of your total contributions to r/tarot should be self-promotion, and note that you can advertise in user flair at anytime. Breaking this rule may result in your account being marked as spam.

This thread is in contest mode. The comments are ordered randomly every-time a user accesses this thread. Deleting and re-posting your advertisement will not make it appear higher on the list.

If your comment isn't appearing after posting, please message the mods

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