Reading cards for someone’s life

Recently on tik tok, people have been spreading around “facts” about tarot. And one of the facts that I got into an argument with someone about was whether or not a person needs to give you permission and openly states “I give you permission” for you to be able to do an accurate reading for them. From my perspective I feel like anyone can do a reading for someone without them knowing but it’s just creepy and unethical so I feel like most practitioners wouldn’t. And I know that plenty of people go to tarot readers to ask about how someone views them or sees them, and those can resonate and be accurate without permission from the party the client is asking about. What’s your view on it? Do you think a client has to openly state that they give you permission in order to read for them? The argument from the other person was that your spirit guides would not allow anyone to just read your life like an open book, (if you believe in spirit guides)

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