Reading Etteilla decks

I recently saw a fliptrough of an Etteilla deck, and I really loved the cards. I did some research on it, and it appealed to me even more because I love historic decks and different divination systems so I want to give it a go.

The only thing that is stopping me from getting the deck is the fact that there is no English translations of Alliette's books, and no info on methods of using the decks or deeper card meanings.

With the Thoth deck for example, Crowley wrote the Book of Thoth and in it he gave a lot of insight into the deck and card symbolism that I wouldn't notice otherwise. I feel like I could miss out on things like this in the Etteilla decks since I can't read his books on the cards.

Can someone give me some sources on this, or if you can read French and read the books maybe tell me some key parts of the text?

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