Reading for others, but letting them “take the reigns”

Hey! I wanted to share my experience reading cards for my friends for fun to see if anyone else has done anything like this or if anyone has any thoughts on the process.

I’ve been reading cards for my friends for fun for about 8 months (always free) and in a casual setting where we are sitting by my campfire with other friends there too(typically they are not listening to the reading). My friends are allowed to have as much or as little control over the process of the reading as they want, and then we talk through the meaning on the cards together.

The process: 1) Ask my friends to pick however many crystals they see fit from my collection. 2) Create a 6 crystal energy grid around the cards (I do this) 3) Then I cleanse the space, honor the elements and we discuss/ask their question
4) Shuffle and choose the cards. My friends are allowed to shuffle and choose however many cards they see fit. I have absolutely no rules, but tell them I can do it if they want me to. 5) Discuss the cards

I’ve found that because they take more ownership of the reading, they believe the reading more than if I did the whole thing for them. Some of them read cards for themselves and others have no experience.

What do you all think?

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