Reading interpretation Needed!

Hi! I was doing a deity confirmation because I felt like someone was reaching out. The ONLY card that came out was the empress upright.

The empress signifies a strong connection to femininity and nurture. She is also seen as a motherly role.

To me this screamed Aphrodite, Hera or Freyja. My pendulum said no to Aphrodite and Hera and yes to Freyja.

Upon researching Freyja a bit more it does make sense given that she is the goddess of beauty, fertility, love, magic, nature, childbirth and much more however everyone else seems to get the queen of wands or swords for her so I’m a tad confused.

I don’t really see freyja as a motherly deity however I guess the “mother” association from the empress card to her could be that she’s goddess of childbirth and fertility??

What are your thoughts??

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