Reading told me my next major relationship is going to be a sh*tshow

Hi, I’d love some advice because this reading left me really sad :/. What are they like- (king of swords) powerful man, military possibility, logical, protector How you will meet- (ten of pentacles) this was not clear – has to do with a family, stability and lots of money First impression of them- (seven of wands) courageous, military energy, brave How they will affect me- (the high priestess reversed) repressed intuition and blocked physic powers 🙁 What kind of relationship will it be- (eight of cups reversed) unhappy Obstacles- (the devil reversed) need to confront inner fears and shadows Outcome- (the chariot reversed) failure How it ultimately affects me- (kind of wands reversed) mean, abusive, high expectations, impulsive What I will learn- (queen of swords reversed) im demanding, manipulative, overbearing. Im sad to see this because first, I don’t think im any of those negative things. I understand this is only a possibility but now im like shoot? I need to avoid this person?? It’s so bad. :/ what do you all think?

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