Readings off after I read myself

Last week (maybe a week before that, not too sure) I was hanging with my cards. I was just shuffling, not having a question in mind. 4 cards that split in 2 groups jumped out after a couple of shuffles, which made me go "oh, something important?"

I read the cards from the order that jumped out, two top and two bottom ones. My gut dropped when I saw them.

The two top ones where 3 of Swords and The Tower, while the two bottom ones where 8 of Wands and The Emperor (I think this is the card that represents me, seeing as how it always pops up during a reading on myself). Anyways, i took this as (top) what could happen and (bottom) how you should react. I asked for clarification, but my deck gave me cards that didn't make sense, so i took that as them not wanting to tell me, or just for me to wait and see what happens.

I asked my friends, and they told me that it could be a warning on whats to come. After this, I've had trouble connecting and feeling confident in the readings I was doing. I just didn't vibe with them after that. has that happened to anyone? how can i combat this?

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