Reasons why Tarot isn’t evil?

Okay, fun story.

My mom found my deck. She very much was not supposed to. The conversation went a lot different than expected. She wasn’t mad, just a little freaked out and scared.

I tried explaining to her that I don’t see it as a spiritual tool, but rather as something to help my intuition and make better choices.

She’s currently okay with me doing readings to myself as long as it’s daytime and not sunday (long story), and that I don’t do readings for anyone other than myself.

She brought up the fact that she knew people who read Tarot to others who ended up living miserable lives. I think that’s dumb, but there’s really no way to argue to her.

So far my arguments were that I don’t try to mess with the future or ask yes o no questions because I feel they are counterproductive, rather questions that help me understand a problem and how to solve it, and that I REALLY don’t use Tarot to inquire with evil spirits. I am literally an atheist.

She brought up that Tarot was dangerous, and asked me if I knew what Arcana meant after I showed her my notes. I said no, and she explained that Arcanas are occult spirits. I could not really find a way to debunk that.

I don’t know what I should say to keep her at peace. I’m still allowed to keep my cards and do my self-readings, but I really need arguments that debunk the “Tarot is evil and will open portals to spirits” idea. Any help is very much appreciated <3

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