Reconnecting and Using Tarot with the Christian God/ other divinity

So, I reached out to the Christian God. I see a lot of stuff online about trickster spirits, but I don’t really worry about those because I feel like that a deity wouldn’t let anyone impersonate them.

Anyway, I reached out to the Christian God. I’ve been an agnostic atheist for a few years, turned away from Christianity, but lately I’ve felt a small call back to it in my own way. I’ve been studying Catholicism (specifically practices such as veiling and saint veneration) and I have been really wanting to incorporate the Christian god back into my spirituality.

So, I apologized. I’ve said a lot of things that were rude, disrespectful, and really fucked up towards God, but it dawned on me that I wasn’t angry with God, but more the evangelical interpretation of God and the Bible. I largely believe that the Bible is metaphorical and should be given grace as any mythology.

I asked God if I was being called to work with him, if I could do spells, all sorts of stuff. I got the six of cups, seven of pentacles and the three of swords in reverse. I think this is my sign it’s time for healing and a fresh start? I still have judgement, my guard is still up, I still feel hurt, but I’m working on it.

What do you think of using tarot to work with the Christian God, or Saints or Mary or Jesus? Also, I asked for card confirmations and Jesus has the emperor, the sun, and justice, and God has The World and The Ace of Wands (either way).

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