Reconnecting with an old friend.

(keep in mind that I am a beginner in tarot) Today I reached out to an old friend who I had some complications with and we ended up not talking for months. I asked my tarot deck today how the outcome would be if I continued to reconnect with them or if I left them in my past. First I asked how it would turn out if I left him, I pulled out the high priestess. Using my intuition and the book that the tarot deck came with I interpreted this as without him I would continue to search for answers and I wouldn’t ve fully satisfied without the knowledge of what could have been??? For the next card I pulled I asked what will be my outcome if I continue down the path that I am on. I pulled eight of pentacles. I interpreted this as I would be satisfied with my work and happier in the long run. The deck I am using is modern witch tarot. Anything helps and if anyone could help me interpret these cards better that would help a lot. Thanks

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