Reframing the love cards after a breakup to serve your healing (so your not obsessing over THEM)

One of things I value doing is creating relationships with my cards and digging into how traditional relationship/love cards can actually serve us during times we are trying to come back to ourselves after love gone wrong, breakups, crushed hearts and disappointment.

You can set this intention too in your own readings, that relationship cards will mean your relationship with yourself. And then when these cards come up, they may mean this –

ACE OF CUPS – new feelings emerging in you that will serve you better next time, filling up with new love for yourself

TWO OF CUPS – creating a healthy relationship with yourself, silencing your inner critic or shamer with compassion, raising your standards to look for connections that feel more mutual with effort on both sides.

TEN OF CUPS – Being in bliss with your family, feeling like all the parts of you are unified through pleasure and happiness.

THE LOVERS – Learning to balance your inner divine masculine + feminine, being conscious of which one leads your decision making and when.

THE DEVIL – Divesting from codependency, an invitation to see what our relationship to control and obbsession is in our relationships, giving up toxic partners

TEN OF PENTACLES – Focusing on creating stable partnerships and long term security in relationship, working on your secure attachment and long term visions of love.

KNIGHT OF CUPS – Self love as in how you bring romance into your ordinary life on your own, pursuing the things that make you feel loved, pleasured and desirable. Self care.

just a few, would love if you have any reframes from your own experience of reading? πŸ’•

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