Relationship reading with clarification cards

Some of you may have seen this post yesterday as well but I'm posting it again because I pulled some clarification cards today so I'd appreciate some insight on that!

Person X and I were very close but drifted apart a few months back. I thought we'd date but he is currently dating someone else. We are just on talking terms.

RWS deck, relationship reading:

  1. My true self/how I feel about this relationship or him deep down: 10 of Cups (possible meaning: I'm fantasizing about being in a relationship with him)
  2. His true self/how he feels about this relationship or me deep down: Death rx

Clarification for Death rx: the 10 of Cups! He is happy in his current relationship, without me in his life (10 of Cups) but thinks that I'm still holding on to our relationship when I should let go (Death rx).

  1. How I see him: 5 of Wands Rx (someone who runs away from conflict/confrontation)
  2. How he sees me: Hierophant Rx.

Clarification for Heirophant Rx: 7 of Swords. 7 of Swords may indicate that he is too self-obsessed/selfish to think beyond himself & probably sees me basis how I can serve his agenda. OR he sees me as someone who is entitled, solves problems through fights/conflicts instead of a peaceful resolution or plays mind games.

  1. Past: Temperance (unequal relationship in the sense that one invests more than the other)
  2. Present: Star
  3. Future: Page of Wands

Clarification card for Page of Wands: World.

I did a past, present, future reading a month ago, too, and received Death clarified by 4 of Wands as future. Are there any similarities between that reading and this one?

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