Relationship reading with tarot and oracle cards :)

I used the RWS deck, Affirmations Oracle and Moonology oracle for this reading.

RWS Deck: 1. Who am I as a person: Page of Pentacles 2. Who he is as a person: Six of Swords 3. My deepest feelings about him/our connection: Three of Swords 4. His deepest feelings about me/our connection: Seven of Swords clarified by The Sun 5. Past of our relationship: Eight of Cups 6. Present of our relationship: Four of Pentacles reversed 7. Future of our relationship: Six of Pentacles 8. Advice for me: Three of Wands 9. Back of the deck: 10 of Wands

Affirmations Oracle (for guidance): 1. Set healthy boundaries. 2. Make peace with tough relationships of the past. 3. Be open to receiving love in all ways and from all directions. 4. Thoughts love to wander into assumptions and race ahead to the future; wait and see instead.

Moonology (for guidance): 1. A personal issue reaches resolution (Full Moon in Cancer) 2. Step out of your comfort zone 3. A new start is coming (New Moon) 4. The energy is gaining momentum (waxing moon) 5. It's time to take action (New Moon in Aries) 6. Back of the deck: What do you need to release?

My interpretation: I am studying and analysing the situation, while he is moving on towards calmer waters (away from the conflict associated with our relationship). He is also currently dating someone else, btw, and we are just friends right now. My feelings towards him are that he has broken my heart. Idk what his feelings are though. What does VII of Swords clarified by Sun as feelings mean? One is a card of deception, and the other a positive card. In the past, he walked away from our relationship, and in the present, both of us have let go of the bond between us that we cherished so much and held so close. In the future, there will be inequality in our relationship with one person approaching the other only for favours and the other helping them with the same; one person will be the carer and the other person the recipient, thus, eventually, leading to the Ten of Wands energy for the carer. Three of Wands as advice means that I should broaden my horizons, meet new people, learn new things, and maybe even travel to different places.

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