Relationship spread: advice & outcome. Page of cups, 5 of swords, lovers, 6 of cups, 5 of cups, star

I did a relationship spread inquiring about a specific person. Below is the position, cards & interpretation. I’m a little lost with the cards I got for #5. I wanted to post surrounding cards in case it helps. Any help would be greatly appreciated💕

  1. Position: You (me) Pulled: Chariot Interpretation: someone hoping to move forward?

  2. Them Pulled: 5 of cups & knight of wands Interpretation: someone who’s disappointed maybe even angry

3: Relationship Pulled: page of cups, lovers & 5 of swords Interpretation: new feelings/new relationship but there’s been a conflict. Maybe lovers is saying there’s still feelings there or a choice being made.

  1. Advice Pulled: Temperance Interpretation: be patient & neutral?

  2. Outcome Pulled: Star Clarified by: 6 of cups Interpretation: maybe I’m overthinking it but this could either mean, have faith bc there is a strong connection OR it’s something of the past and meant to leave it there.

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