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A couple of years ago I got my second ever tarot deck, but unfortunately not too long after I stupidly lost one of the cards from it. My first deck is the Linestrider, and while I like it a lot and it does the job in the meantime, I terribly miss using the Otherkin, as it suited me even more and I loved it and its imagery. I find myself increasingly stressed about it and kind of at wits end, so hoping to get some advice in this thread for myself and probably others in similar situation. 😓

I’ve since tried contacting the author to see if they’d be willing to send a replacement, free or for a fee, I really didn’t mind. We’ve been in contact for a short while via emails, they said they would put it on their schedule as they were busy traveling at that time. Completely understandable and I was very happy about it! However, as months passed w/ no updates my hope has dwindled. I tried emailing them again but never got another reply, and it’s been half a year at this point. So I gave up going that route, as I also wouldn’t like to spam them with emails and be annoying about it. But now I’m unsure how to proceed.

Should I try reaching out to the publisher with same request? Anyone got experiences regarding that? (Llewellyn in this case)

Is it okay to try print a replacement on my own? I’m feeling kind of shady about doing that, and I have no idea where I’d find the correct card material and prints.

Lastly, in the past I’ve heard of some communities online where people trade/resell unwanted decks between each other. Anyone know if/where I could find something like that but for individual cards? 😂 I’m missing The World from Otherkin.

I’ve also been tempted to use the deck anyway since “it’s only one card, right?” but it just seems blasphemous lol, anyone got a hot take on that?

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