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so i’m not currently at home, i won’t be for another 4-5 hours because i’m working. my boyfriend has been having a really hard time lately. mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually. – when he goes to read or pull cards for himself, he can’t seem to focus long enough to make a connection in the cards nor is he really able to decipher them completely in general. he is also an intuitive reader with experience, but within the last 6 months there seems to be a block up.

he pulled 3 cards & they were all reversed. he pulled 2 more asking for clarification & they were right side up. i saw something saying that if all the cards in a reading are reversed, that it’s dealing with internal conflict/situations rather than external. which makes sense to me in his situation.

does anyone have experience with this? or while reading this, picked up any information intuitively? perhaps any tips or experiences where you’ve had a block before? it’s like he has this mental fog and reading just overwhelms him more than anything. he stopped for months so i’m not sure that he needs a break.

i pulled up a little app on my phone up & asked for a tarot card for him & got the card (in reverse) that always represents his energy in readings that i do. the summary had to do with focus, not giving credit to how his actions have consequences, etc. things of the like. – i’m worried that he’s blocking himself in some way & im not really sure how to help. – i plan on doing a reading for him when i get home & if possible, some channeled writing. but does anyone have any thoughts or advice?

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