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I bought Tabletop Simulator to help with the boredom during the COVID-19 lockdown. It's basically a game engine that gives you all the tools needed to simulate a table and the elements used in tabletop gaming in general, which includes, obviously, cards. It also allows for drawing said cards, shuffling, rotating, splitting the deck… Among many other things.

Initially I was only using it to play the community-made adaptations of boardgames, but then I wondered about its possibilities for tarot and wow, not the first person to think about this!

The community has uploaded several decks to the workshop, there's scripted tables so that you can easily do readings if you're not that familiar with spreads (or the little imperfections in your card placement with a mouse drive you nuts!)

TL;DR for 20€ (there's discounts on other pages but that's the official Steam price) you can have several classic and fandom decks, or even make your own if you have images for the cards, and use them. You can add notes for card meanings to each card, gosh, you can even have a pretty table with an altarcloth! Plus, you get a ton of free tabletop games as well. I thought this community might enjoy it πŸ™‚

Link to Tabletop Simulator on Steam

Link to the tarot tag in the community workshop

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