Returning to tarot after 17 years and this really helped to affirm me!

Some background: As a kid, I was really into tarot and mysticism. Bought a couple of decks and fooled around with them and studied some traditional meanings but never really got super into it. When I hit my teens, I entered my "all things have a rational explanation phase" (annoying I know) and really disavowed everything I was once interested in. I remember scoffing at the cards I had once been fascinated with, and tossing them aside into some dusty corner of the house.

Now that I'm in my mid 20s (with a much more balanced view of the world), I've recently re-ignited my interest in the cards from a deeply insightful reading I received from someone else. I began diving back into tarot lore and symbolism, researching the meanings etc. and it was really, really nostalgic. It just felt right to me. I recently bought a new deck, played around with it a bit, and did a few simple yes/no questions. A few minutes ago, I decided to ask the deck a personal question: "Where am I in my current journey with you?" Lo and behold….out came the Star. I read it as having faith and hope, of a renewal in spirituality that I sorely needed, and that this is a period of me undergoing personal growth….this really affirmed my belief that I'm on the right track and that I've truly come home. It's good to be back, Tarot friends!

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