Reverse-engineering a reading

I’m writing a short story featuring a tarot reading for two characters, and need help connecting their plots to the cards they pull. I’ve been doing a little research on this myself but would be so grateful for objective input.

Character 1 is in a moment of transformation and positive upheaval. She’s breaking old habits (without addressing the trauma that created them), and forging ahead with new experiences and new people. Independence is a key theme for her, but she’ll make some unpopular choices.

For Character 1 I’m thinking:

Upright: The fool, three of cups, six of swords, ace of pentacles, two of pentacles, seven of cups and/or page of wands

Reversed: the hierophant, six of cups, king of pentacles

Character 2 is more stagnant. She’s unhappy in her home life and struggling to communicate with her partner, and it’s building resentment. She bears a lot of responsibility and tends to play the martyr, and is in need of a clear path forward.

For character 2’s cards I’m thinking:

Upright: the hermit, the hierophant (although I can’t use it for both characters), seven of pentacles, and/or ten of wands

Reversed: queen of cups, two of cups, and/or high priestess.

What do we think? Do any of these clash spectacularly or don’t align with their paths as you see them?

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