Rider Waite got rained on.

Hi amazing people. So I keep my cards by my window, I live in California and it never rains and even if so never enough to come through my window. Well last night I tried to connect with the goddess Persephone for the first time (a goddess I deeply resonate with and believe one who has been working with me for a while.) and after I connected I set my cards back in their usual place. I wake up today and the tray my cards sit on is a pool of water and my deck was soaked with black ink all over the cards! Specifically the queen of pentacles. (Nothing else was wet but the area my cards are in.) I couldn’t help but to ask myself if this was a good or bad omen. Realizing it is earth day and my cards got rained on almost feels like a sweet hello from Persephone in an ironic way. Even tho my cards are now very weathered :/ What do you guys think?

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