Rider–Waite–Smith Deck: My understanding is a bit dusty because I discontinued reading Tarot, so need interpretation help.

Number(i) I have a friend who I haven't had any conversation for the past 5 months. I did a spread and asked the card if calling him is a good idea or not. And here is the answer they gave me from left to right

  1. KNIGHT OF WANDS – Past position
  2. FIVE OF SWORDS – Present position
  3. STRENGTH – Future

There are two yes cards and one no. But, my intuition says its a no because the story they are narrating is: there was impulsiveness in beginning. I totally agreed because I initiated the friendship. In the present is a lost battle, I have already given up on him couple of months ago and I was checking for just in case scenario that maybe there has been a change of energies as he might have had a change of heart. While the three one is saying me to control over my emotions and show some resilience. The meaning is obvious, but I know the whole story of my life and I feel my basis might stop me from seeing the other insights there are present in this spread.

Please help.

A lot of gratitude for everyone participating in this read. Thank you!

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