Russia/Ukraine crisis

I drew some cards yesterday asking what’s going to happen with the war going on. I first drew 3 cards, got nervous with the 10 swords, so drew a further 3. I feel that Putin is doing this because of money and power (probably obvious). I also see him as being restless and impatient but also anxious. He’s worried about something. Things haven’t gone to plan. I’m wondering if the 10 swords is him being killed. It’s a pretty strong card and definately not one you’d want to see as an outcome. But something will come to an end and I feel it’s death. I also she a change in fortune with the wheel. Things will start changing. Same with the Tower. Massive changes. Having them next to eachother has got to mean something big and life changing going to happen. The 7 cups to me is about wishes and choices. Perhaps once the change has come, there’ll be a transitioning phase. Maybe for Ukraine? Cups is also emotions too me so a lot of emotional changes. We all know how the people are being affected. So it’s a deep level of emotions running through the country. I think they’re going to have a long period of mourning and then they will rebuild.

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