Same card repeatedly shows up in my readings. Today it was reversed, what does this mean?

(Nearly) every day I do a miniature reading in the mornings. I will shuffle and divide the deck into three, then select one card which represents what I should focus on/be aware of that day.

For my past two readings, I have drawn the Knight of Swords during this daily ritual. Today, I selected the Knight of Wands but noticed that as I selected this card, another card slid off it's pile towards me. Naturally I incorporated this card into my reading and again (for the third time in a row) it was the Knight of Swords. This time however, it was reversed.

I'm sure the deck is trying to tell me something, but I'm not sure what. I've never repeatedly drawn the same card since I started reading tarot (just over a year). There are also no individuals in my life who seem to represent the Knights, and I am not currently rushing into any decisions, making significant changes to my life (especially since my country is still in lockdown) or embarking on a new life journey.

Does anyone have any idea what my cards are trying to tell me?

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