Scanning Your Tarot Decks?

I have a few out of print tarot decks that I love but rarely use and almost never take out of the house, mostly because I'm worried about damaging or losing cards I can't easily replace. I'm thinking of borrowing my father's scanner so I can save digital files of all the cards in my hard-to-replace decks; it would soothe my anxiety to know that even if I lose a card or if the deck is lost or stolen I can, in theory, get a copy made from a private scan.

I suppose I'm wondering if anyone else does this or has considered it! I've had a look at the scanner and it can create JPEG and TIFF files at 300 and 600 dpi. It's an older machine, so I don't know if newer models can take better scans. Is this quality and are these formats still up to snuff, or should I go looking for a newer scanner or take them to somewhere like Staples and scan them there? And perhaps most importantly, is there anything that I should be thinking about or paying attention to for a project like this that isn't immediately obvious? I've literally never scanned anything in my life and my archival knowledge is limited at best. I'm assuming that there is some element in this plan that I am overlooking completely out of general ignorance on my part πŸ˜›

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