Second Interpretation: Past//Present//Future + Advice need further insight.

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Deck: RW Tarot

Spread: 4 Card Spread: Past Present Future + Advice from Universe

Past: Lovers(Reversed)
Present: Judgement (Reversed)
Future: Knight of Swords (Reversed)

*Advice from the Universe: 7 of Cups (Upright)

Now my reading was done for a client, and she is aware and okay with me seeking further interpretation. This reading was intense for lack of a better word. While it is a past-present- and future+ Advice from the Universe. They are all interconnected to the here and now. So I place equal emphasis on the inter relationship between all 4 of these cards. As our past dictates our present dictates our future.

Past: The Lover's (Reversed)

When I drew my client's cards, the first thing that came to my mind is domineering energy.
Lovers in reversal shows an obvious one sided codependent relationship. An unfulfilled relationship. Toxic relationship. I explained to her that it shows in her past section a disconnect with love, a missed connection. I believe the Lover's card in reverse helped tie a lot more with the other cards.

Present: Judgement ( Reversed)

The judgement card followed for her present situation. What I got immediately was lies and deception. I think judgement and the lovers in reversed shows possibly a love choice that must be made cut and dry but there is major hesitation. Rocky times. I also read self doubt or lack and accountability issues with the Judgement in reverse. Following the lovers, I knew strongly that the ties they share together are deceptive. I declared that there was automatically a strong judgmental male presence. The Judge is not your friend and he's not friendly simply put. He's there to remind us that we live in World of choices that predicates our regard or disregard for the consequences of our actions.

I felt that at this point there was a definite line drawn and crossroads staked where my client was at in her life that was further justified by the Knight of Swords.

Future/Outcome: Knight of Swords (Reversed)

As I said earlier, stuck at a cross roads. Knight of Swords is on his way but my dear I don't think this is the Knight in shining armor you want coming to save you.

The Knight of Swords in reverse just further justified what I was already feeling + thinking. Even though it was in the future section of the reading. If choices are not clear and pensive in thought-then are you ready for the storm. It just showed further chaos, conflict, manipulation, trauma, and missed opportunity. Seeing these three cards in reverse just showed me anguish, and especially mental + emotional anguish, confirmed by the Lovers and then the Knight of swords. Once again the Knight of Swords just proved to me there is a domineering male presence/energy- that cannot be ignored.

Revelations after first three cards pulled :
I explained in depth the illustration and background to each of the cards I was reading as this was her first reading. There was a lot of information I wasn't privy too till after I read her first three cards. Turns out she's going through a lot of mental anguish and is actively looking for a therapist or some form of assistance for the trauma she's been through as a child. Turns out she's currently in a relationship with a friend who has become a committed lover but she doesn't trust him because she knows his history and that he's cheated on every girl he's been with purposely. This is causing a lot of conflict between them because she feels she can't go further if her mind is pointing her to this. My client's father is actually a judge, and he was a serial cheater she saw growing up how that affected her family and her mother (master liar, manipulator) . So she has a lot of trauma from this and feels like the domineering presence I sensed from the judgement card was directly related to her father. She said I perfectly summed up what she's been going through for quite some time. The fact I picked up on the domineering male presence shocked her too.

Advice from the Universe Pull: 7 of Cups (Upright):

Now, this is where I had to make it clear that once again her choices come into play. 7 of cups is generally positive but this card is an equally double edged sword and it being pulled for advice from the Universe after those first 3 cards- uh. The choices you make matter. 7 of cups is on it's way to bigger and better but scattered energy leads you right back to square one. However our dreams and opportunities can become distractions when they are secondary to the bigger picture. Planning and strategy. We see the iconography of the 7 of cups, we have options. Options are good but the option and the plans we want or see for ourselves may not be the best in the long run. It's a card of good fortune and abundance but without thought we become subservient to our emotions, mental anguish, material items instead of mastering them. Over abundance leads to willful waste. Willful waste leads to woeful wants. We can be deceived with poison if it's in vial covered in diamonds & rubies. If you want to take advantage of all the opportunities you have been blessed with then you must weigh your options look at the bigger picture and cut the ties from what you don't need.

My advice to client:

I explained to my client that while these cards are all pointing out things that are inherently negative that means the Universe has a direct message about what NOT to do- and use this moment to change your trajectory. I said the cards go off the energy you are dealing with and while it may be something you don't want to see in a reading it has to be something Spirit/The Universe wants you to hear. I believe the Lover's reversed is telling her that if she feels her relationship is one sided than it probably is. Love can give us rose colored glasses but the more we ignore the issues and think they will change the more the evidently stay the same- waiting for us with momentum. I told her, the past trauma of love and life she's seen with her parents relationship is dictating her from being able to openly trust the lover she is currently with. If she can't find trust and communicate how she feels then there is no future. While I don't deter her from love, I explained that love isn't fear based.

Judgement reversed – I explained that if she's on a journey to better mental health and her relationships and ties are serving her no benefit and stressing her, she needs to limit or cut ties with those people, father and lover. You already know what's best for you, and putting it off doesn't help the situation at hand. I told her the trauma from her father has effected her estimation of her partners in life and that is why I get so much indecisiveness as well. My client is currently in school for her graduate degree and I explained that a lot of what I'm getting from her is missed opportunity in her reading – because the focus isn't where it should be. Right now I believe that she's at a very difficult crossroads in her life and her choices weigh more heavily on her experiences- past-present- and future- than she realizes.

Knight of Swords reversed + Advice from the upright 7 of Cups- I explained that the one card that sealed the deal for me was the Knight of Swords cause he cuts through the BS, he doesn't give AF about how you're feeling or how happy your outlook is. Swords protect and defend, but in the wrong hands they cause great harm. This Knight doesn't play- sharp witted- He's clearing his path and you either get with it or get cut. I alluded that the 7 of cups confirms there will be opportunities and blessings coming your way but if you're energy isn't where it needs to be you will take the bait and will deceive yourself into thinking this is what you deserve (Choices made in haste and chaos will give you a hasty and chaotic outcome 99% of the time) + the Knight of Swords in Reverse is the harsh truth that the opportunities that may benefit you in the long run will be missed. Once they are gone they don't come back. Let your "Yes" be your "Yes" and your "No" be your "No". If they are not cutting through their mental anguish they will become victim to it's chaos. Change the trajectory- all is not lost. I believe that if one garners the advice and interpretation of what I'm relaying- she will have a positive outcome.

Please let me know if further introspection is needed; I feel that I am able to interpret pretty well but I do think there are subtle things I might miss or questions that I should ask. I am open and receptive to all learning from each of you and I thank you humbly.

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