Second opinion/feedback on my interpretation

Yesterday I did my frist reading ever and want to check if i interpret it right. I asked 4 questions to get to know my deck.

Question 1: what task will we fulfill together? Card: 10 of cups

Question 2: what will you teach my about myself? Card: 9 of wands

Question 3: what describes you as a deck? Card: king of wands

Question 4: what card describes me at the moment? Card: the hermit

I interpret this as a deck that will take the lead and will lead me (in time) to emotional fulfillment and that it will be a rough ride but that I am strong and have overcome a lot and will overcome future difficulties on my path. Right now I am spending time alone to do some soul searching and to get in touch with my spiritual side and I will get out in the world again and socialize when I am ready.

Since I am very new to tarot I would really like to hear you feedback on my interpretation. I

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