Second opinion for reading when determining “level of interest” someone has in someone else.

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Long time creeper, first time poster! This sub inspired me to finally join Reddit as I’m learning the world of tarot !

Looking for a second opinion on a reading I did recently, where I asked my cards what the level of interest person A has in person B.

Using rider-Waite-smith deck, I pulled the following three cards: 7 of pentacles, 10 of pentacles and DEATH (which excites me but confuses me in this combo)

My interpretation is that this is a connection where there is history and person A feels they must tread lightly and thoughtfully as this is a relationship that will take time to grow (7 of pentacles) but that they see a long term future with (10 of pentacles). However, to achieve this, there are habits and patterns that need to be broken or something needs to change / end in order to get to this 10 of pentacles (death)

How else could this be interpreted?

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