Second opinion needed since I feel too close to be clear on this!

I’ll put the questions and the cards for each plus my interpretation but I want a second opinion because I was starting to get frustrated with no feeling super clear messages on some of the cards (the full moon energy is kicking my butt)

What’s blocking me from receiving that I need to release? 3 of swords- disappointment and past things that didn’t go my way and stop predicting the future based off those things (I feel more unclear though)

How can I release this block and step into embodying my higher self? 3 of wands and the fool- keep going after your goals with fire and passion and a day one kind of energy, believe in yourself and embody more joy, presence and abundance and connect with soul truth and passion

What do I need to focus on in my business right now? The hermit and the devil: spend more time going inwards stop consuming so much, focus on working on your energy more than strategizing and doing so much, release everything that isn’t serving you including old belief systems and identities (feel like there’s maybe something else here but maybe I should just pull another card?)

What’s the outcome from all this? 7 of pentacles- harvesting the abundance of the seeds I’ve already planted, financial growth (open to more depth for this too)

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