Second opinion on a reading about a potentially obsessive person?


I recently did a simple 3 card reading (and back of deck card) for a friend regarding a professional relationship that turned into quite the situation.

Question: "Is X person obsessed/still thinking about the querent (my friend)?"

Backstory: Man in a long-term relationship began social media 'stalking' my friend (i.e. linkedin) when they first met in a professional setting. He pursued her heavily while being in a relationship. Though she states that he was very respectful of her in person, she had an almost 'hunted' feeling around him and would have recurring nightmares involving him forcing himself on her. Due to her unease and the fact that he was not forthcoming about the fact that he was taken, rejected him quite firmly and he has since cut off contact, but she is still uneasy and wanted to know whether he was still considering her/possibly thinking of contacting her again.

Here's my interpretation of the cards:

  1. The moon: Wow, okay, very straightforward. I would say this indicates definite obsession/unhealthy emotions – I saw this as an alarming card to pull, especially since its the first one
  2. Empress reversed: A companion guide book I used says this could indicate stubbornness or trying to force a situation – again, making me think he is thinking of contacting her again.
  3. Knight of swords reversed: Swords to me indicate a misuse of power or misplaced emotions. I would would see the knight reversed as a hasty, underhanded person who acts without logically thinking things through. Not quite sure how to interpret it in the context of the other cards but I would view this as a sort of desperation towards my friend?

Back of the deck: 2 of pentacles – I read the back of the deck as the general theme of the reading. I interpreted this as meaning that there is an imbalance of attention he is giving her – once again indicated she is likely still on his mind.

I don't know if I'm interpreting the cards correctly or whether I'm being influenced by my own biases so any second opinions are very welcome!

Deck: Vitacera Original with RSW artwork. Illustrations by Pamela Colman Smith

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