second opinion on seven of swords in this context

can't seem to fully grasp what this card is saying. i've been seeing seven of swords a lot lately and i truly feel like the card is "stalking" me, but i'm not getting its message.

today i straight up asked why things never seem to go my way, why things keep going badly for me over and over. seven of wands jumped out at me.

without going into details, for years my life has just not been great. i've been living in misery. i've done numerous attempts at turning it around but just when i think i might i've been faced with yet another disaster.

the seven of swords for me is a card about deception, tricks and lies.

but i was also thinking maybe it's about not fighting hard enough, putting effort in but not enough. taking the easy way out. but i really don't feel like i have been taking the easy way out. i've been trying my best to survive, and meanwhile i've done my best to be a good brother and son, and friend. i truly feel undeserving of the way the universe is treating me, and has been treating me.

maybe seven of swords is telling me it's not that bad and i'm just tricking myself into believing it is, but no matter how you turn it, i'm struggling to wanna stay alive and my general life situation is objectively bad. it's simply not "all in my head".

is it saying my mental illnesses are to blame? because i do have several of those.

what are your opinions? i feel pretty lost trying to figure this out.

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