Second Opinion on this reading?

I did a Tarot reading for myself, asking questions about a friendship of mine

“What do I know about this relationship?” The Hierophant: I don’t know what to think about this card honestly! This card really confuses me, and is the only card I’m really not sure of.

“What is hidden in this relationship?” The Devil: I definitely saw this as codependency on my part, an unhealthy attachment to my friend. I already know I have that unhealthy attachment to him. As far as something that is hidden, though, I’m thinking it could be some sort of sexual urges not executed properly (on his end). But that also isn’t really hidden lol. So, maybe some sort of temptation that I’m not seeing?

“Where should I focus in this relationship?” The Wheel Of Fortune: I see the Wheel Of Fortune as being pure decision making. So I feel like this card might be telling me to make the right decisions in this relationship, because whatever decisions I make could be led to either bad or good luck.

“Where should I drop the illusion in this relationship?” Strength (Reversed): Because I am quite insecure about our friendship sometimes (thinking he might be embarrassed of me, even thinking that he’ll stop being friends with me randomly, all for no reason really) I saw this as I should drop the illusion that our friendship is weak. I feel like this card is telling me that we have a strong bond, and I need to let go of my self doubt regarding that.

Anyone have a second opinion on this? I’m new to Tarot, so I would love to see if anyone has any ideas as to what else the cards could mean (especially the Hierophant!!). Thank you!

Deck Used: Rider Waite (online)

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