Second opinion request. My interpretation is in the comments.

Deck is Gilded Tarot Royale

I hope I’m following proper procedure here.

This was a general reading and I didn’t follow any tarot spread format. I intuitively pulled as many cards as I deemed fit.

I recently quit my job and am in the midst of re-evaluating what direction to take in life esp career. I believe the Hermit is representative of my introspection and me purposely going into literal hermit mode. Unfortunately, just like the Hermit, I only have a small lantern to light my path and I can only see one step in front of me at a time. Everything else is thick fog.

I’m trying to gain clarity on which direction to take in life, but it seems futile.

The 2 of wands definitely resonates with me. I interpret it as saying I’m not ready to move bc I need a clear plan. I already know this, but I genuinely don’t know what or how. I’ve been good at finding out what I DON’T want or need thru hard lessons gained via challenging experiences. I know what doesn’t work, but I don’t know what would work in my favor.

I believe the 3 of pentacles is more confirmation of what described above. Reassuring me I already have the tools and resources I need to accomplish my goal(s).

8 of wands and 10 of pentacles makes me think there will be rapid progress in the career and financial success im aiming for once I lay out a solid plan.

I essentially quit my “dream” job. It wasn’t until I was in it I realized this not what I wanted. I should have quit earlier, but it took me years to admit to myself how unhappy I was.

I understand Tarot isn’t going to figure my life out for me. I understand it won’t tell me exactly where to find a partner or tell me where to work and write me a stellar reference letter. However, I am open to see if anyone got anything else out of this spread esp if theyre going through a similar situation.

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