Second Week in a Row Pulling The Star

I started doing weekly pulls 3 week ago, after seeing my least favorite number, yet gentle reminder of my father's death and love (222, I always hated that number, and a 2 years ago he died on 2/22 (Anyway)) on the clock. Usually I just look at my screen and say 'Hey dad!' But this time I decided to pull a card to meditate on or as a message from him.

I pulled the Five of Pentacles,(One I have not pulled for myself before!) telling me that the hard times are over, but don't forget them, keep pushing forward and remember the hardships to keep a better future. The week after that, I pulled The Star! Oh was my heart so joyful. A lot has been going on and my house has been in limbo due to permitting and COVID isolation has been wearing me thin. It was a wonderful reminder that things will be okay! This past week I had been dealing with insecurities and such with my wedding coming up and with the house taking forever, and work being slow, I did a few pulls regarding such and at the end did my weekly pull. The Star again!

It just brightens my heart to have such a positive reminded sitting on my alter. My deck is usually very…blunt. Haha, so it's just a nice change of pace.

Anyway, I felt so happy that I wanted to share! Blessed be, y'all!

PS. I hope I used the right flair

Threads of Fate – The Weaver Tarot – Ascendant Edition

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