Secondary Elements for the Court Cards

Hi friends!

Reader of about 2.5 years now, and as my path and readings have grown, I've found that my niche lies within the elements of the Tarot (Fire, Water, Air, Earth).

As I've studied and practiced, I learned that according to more "advanced" Tarot practice, the Court cards all have secondary elements attributed to them in addition to their given suit. For example: all of the Queens are Water of ___ (insert suit element here)- as in, the Queen of Wands is Water of Fire.

Now, as it was taught to me (can't stress that enough, haha), and for the sake of this discussion, I understand/believe the Court cards as:

  • Princesses are of Earth
  • Princes are of Air
  • Queens are of Water
  • Kings are of Fire

As I understand this concept so far, it's that the Court cards' secondary element offers us (the reader) an even more in-depth look at who/what these faces can offer/teach us. That, when we understand how these elements can blend together, we understand human nature even better.

Now, what I'm writing to you today is if any of you are well-learned on this concept, or, if anyone has any direction they can point me in regarding this specific concept. All I've found with my Google research are the concepts I already know, or, beginner's knowledge at best.

I know that trusting my intuition will lead to more answers and understandings in time, but right now, I'm trying to fuel my brain's need for study and intrigue haha.

I have no idea why, but I feel this NEED to explore this concept. It drives me wild thinking about it, and yet I find myself stumped quite often. I don't like not having a deeper understanding when it comes to my readings, my deck, or the elements. I WANT to get better.

Do any of you have any stories on this? Explanations? Lessons? Anything you have to lend on this would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to reading what you have to say. If any of you would like to have a personal conversation on it, or need more information, feel free to PM me.

Thank you~

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