Seeing the Tower in an future position of a reading for a relationship that has already ended.

Reading is for someone in a relationship that broke up on bad terms and the seeker is wondering how the ex feels about her now. She is hoping for some sort of reconciliation with him, but hasn't heard anything from him in about 3 months.

Signifier: The Sun Past: 8 of wands Present: Page of Pentacles Future: The Tower and clarifier – knight of cups (Rider-waite deck and all cards are upright)

The Sun – Overall he still thinks highly of her 8 of wands – communication has been blocked? (usually I would say that there were communicating, but this seems odd in this position because they haven't spoken in months) Page of Pentacles – he is seeking stability and communication The Tower and clarifier – knight of cups – this is what throws me off. I would say that something is going to happen that makes matters worse with the tower card by itself, but combined with the knight of cups and all the positive cards around it I would want to say that there will be some sort of change up that will lead to a reconciliation. I don't see many people talking about the tower that way though, so is that interpretation controversial? Thoughts?

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