Seeking second opinion for my first Celtic Cross spread

I’m (24F) new to reading Tarot, even though I’ve had my Shadowscapes deck since 2013. It sat neatly tucked away in my drawer, with what I thought was a full deck, until I found the V of Wands in a random birthday bag, separated from the deck.

I pressed it in a heavy book for a day because it had curved slightly, but just enough on the corner that it would jump or affect my shuffling, since the other cards are practically unused.

I’m not sure if this card is significant, or if the deck just didn’t like that I had removed a card, most likely from a one-card drawing, and forgot about it. I then sorted the deck.

Anyway, I thought that I would try my hand at my first “big” spread, since I’ve only done a few three-card drawings previously for card identification and practice. I did a Celtic Cross for the month of April. My question was, “How will this month unfold? Where should I focus my attention and effort?”

I selected my cards by cutting the deck into sections, shuffling the sections, and then taking the top card until I had ten cards.

I’m looking for guidance or confirmation that I’m interpreting the cards correctly since this is a lot of information for me. Feel free to offer your own interpretation based on the situation. I’m happy to answer any questions about specific details.

I’m currently using Labyrinthos to help me journal and interpret the cards. Tarot tells a story, but initially learning the language of what ideas each card represents is difficult.

I do have autism, so intuitive reading may not come easily for me because Tarot is subjective, not objective. I do know that I’m drawn to the artwork on certain cards, but I don’t know if that means anything useful as a starting point.

Here’s my interpretation and a picture of the spread.

Card 1: The present – Ace of Wands – Keywords: Creation, willpower, inspiration, desire

In the present, I am feeling a desire for inspiration. Life has felt kind of monotonous right now, and I want something more out of it.

Card 2: The challenge – Ace of Cups – Keywords: New love, overflowing emotions, creativity

My current challenge is managing my emotions and my sense of purpose. I’m currently coming off of an antidepressant, which is causing both emotional and GI effects, on top of the GI condition I already have.

For example, I felt like crying when I found the V of Wands, even though I logically knew that the card wasn’t “damaged” in any way. I’m also feeling some secondhand stress because my mother is preparing for a GI surgery in June, just after my birthday.

Also also, on a smaller note, I am talking with someone. We haven’t met in person yet, but I’m comfortable with where I am regarding the potential dating situation.

Card 3: The past – Knight of Wands – Keywords: Action, adventure, fearlessness

In the past month, I’ve done a lot of action regarding my job position because I’m trying to make a lateral shift into pharmacy. I’m phasing out with my job coach and graduating from the program. I’m also starting a different support program that could help me become more independent because I have cerebral palsy.

Card 4: The future – Ace of Swords – Keywords: Victory, strength, sharp mind

In the upcoming month, I could have potential for further success if I’m careful about my decisions.

Card 5: Above – Page of Wands (reversed) – Keywords: Lack of direction, negativity, feeling trapped

I’m not necessarily lacking in desire to improve my overall situation, but my execution doesn’t match my drive since I’m feeling lost and don’t have a clear goal in mind.

Card 6: Below – Justice (reversed) – Keywords: Dishonesty, unaccountability, unfairness

Subconsciously, I’m not sure/aware of my unknown possibilities. I don’t think that I’ve been intentionally ignoring anything, but I do think that I haven’t been holding myself accountable during this transition period.

Card 7: Advice – IX of Pentacles – Keywords: Fruits of labor, independence, rewards

A possibility is that I’ll be satisfied/happy with my situation due to my own actions and choices.

Card 8: External influence – Page of Pentacles – Keywords: Dreams, desire, new opportunities

An influence could be that I’m traveling towards a new opportunity, one that could make me happy.

Card 9: Hopes and fears – X of Wands – Keywords: Accomplishment, responsibility, burden

I’ve been working hard, though I may be overexerting myself, which could backfire.

Also note that this is where the V of Wands tried to jump again. Take from that what you will, but I think it needs to be pressed longer.

Card 10: Outcome – The Emperor – Keywords: Authority, structure, control

If I continue on the same direction and don’t change my course, then I could gain a sense of stability and control.

Overall, I’m interpreting that April will be a month of change that won’t necessarily be easy, and to focus on my decisions and how they affect me. I’m not the best at forming a linear summary from pieces, but I hope that I’m on the right track.

Have I missed any big/small, important details? Does my deck have a personality towards me, or is it something that develops over time?

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