Self-Reflection Spread

Deck is Sun and Moon Tarot. I did a self-reflection spread that I found davyandtracy:

1) How is my self-talk affecting my ability to be true to myself – R Queen of Wands

2) What am I hiding from myself out of shame/fear – R Queen of Cups

3) What is a healing aspect/influence that I can access right now to help me overcome this? – The Lovers

4) What do I need to let go of? The Empress

5) What do I need to embrace or nurture right now? 3 of Swords

The first thing that I felt when I saw this unfold was a lot of feminine energy. I'm confused on how The Empress relates to what I need to let go of, especially since it isn't reversed. I'm open to others' interpretation on this as again, I feel there is a lot of energy behind this, but I can't seem to understand the message.

Another interesting thing I noticed is how the Queen of Cups card is almost like a reflection of The Empress.

Also, yes that is my writing on the cards.

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